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I’ve always seen it as a point of principle not to be offended if people imply you’re gay – so no, I’ve never given a shit. If I was [offended], I’d kind of think, well what does that make me? I wouldn’t want a 15-year-old kid thinking I’m ashamed of it. I’m not.

- Martin Freeman [x] (via martinfreeman)


"fuck yeah heterosexuality" whats next.. fuck yeah flavorless oatmeal.. fuck yeah khaki shorts… fuck yeah dandelions without any of the seeds on them so they’re just really ugly shitting up your lawn

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everyone likes to talk about how they loathe their flesh prisons but honestly i love having a corporeal form with which to manipulate objects through space i love being a basal animal and all the secretions that accompany it

luv 2 be visceral and made of meat